Perennial Collective helps you access sustainably-grown, beautiful herbal teas, sourced directly from the farmers who grow them.

We create long-lasting, mutually reciprocal relationships with our growers, so that you have a clear line between your herbs and the person who grew them. We’re passionate about highlighting these farmers, and sharing their stories and labour.

By bringing transparency to our food systems, we believe it’s possible to create more justice and equality in them — and when you sip your nourishing herbal tea from Perennial, you play an important role in this progress.

All the herbs we source are grown with the highest standards of sustainability and environmental protection. Many are wildcrafted, and all are grown organically (whether federally certified or not). All our teas are minimally processed and handled with care and appreciation.

We’re passionate about making these plants an accessible and easeful part of your wellness rituals, so that you can feel supported and nourished by their potency.

At Perennial Collective, we prioritize bringing more vibrancy and wholeness to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health — all while growing strong, diverse, and thriving communities in the process. Thank you for being a part of it!

Laura Hamill is the founder and director of Perennial Collective.  She has dedicated her education and career to exploring the intersection of food security and social justice, and is passionate about connecting others to a diverse network of growers and farmers who are committed to sustainable growing practices.

Laura started Perennial Collective in the harvest season of 2016 as a way to make nutritious, thoughtfully-grown herbs available to those who may not otherwise have easy access to them. It all began with three simple tea blends that Laura created: each one created to help us connect to a season in a particular landscape.

Perennial Collective has since grown to include many more blends, with herbs from a wide range of growers. Laura — who has experienced the benefits of working closely with herbs throughout her own health journey — is passionate about sharing with others the abundance that surrounds us in nature, and the vitality available to us when we create intimacy between ourselves and the land. She believes that caring for an ecosystem allows us to care for ourselves more richly, too — and allows for that landscape to take care of us in return. 

With an extensive education and career in food security, Laura has filled many roles within the slow food movement, including in farming, cooking, distribution, fundraising, and PR. She’s spent many of her years considering how our cultural identity is shaped in the context of a landscape, and is interested in the ways our food security informs our relationships to each other and to the earth.

These days, Laura lives in Massachusetts with her husband and dog, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine so she can incorporate more of a healing practice into the work she’s already doing with herbs in her professional practice.