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Ethan Frisch on Spice Quality

There are a handful of items in our shop where the logistics are too far afield for us to direct source at this point in time, as with sourcing the chai spices for our Chaga Chai. After learning about the work Burlap & Barrel is undertaking to make the spice trade more equitable and game-changing quality, we were inspired to keep our chai blend on as an evergreen offering in our store.

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Making Your Own Persian Spice Blend

Persian spice, or advieh (literally 'spice' in Farsi), is a blend I fell in love with years ago and started incorporating into food that we cooked at home. It's fragrant, warm and complex but also comforting. There's only one catch - it's not the easiest spice to find in my experience, even at specialty shops. Luckily, it isn't hard to make if you can source a few of the important ingredients.

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