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Octoyoga: Breath of Joy

I hope you are feeling lovely this sweet Tuesday. Last week during Savasana I had a hit of joy. It was really incredible. Of course I have experienced joy before, in many forms. But this was really something. I was just lying there, in my peacefulness and I had this sudden all over body reaction to just how incredible life is. I started smiling and couldn't stop all day.

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The Plants are Holding You

Everywhere you go, the plants are holding you. They are the grandparents. The caretakers. The ones that make our lives possible. From the houses that we live in, to the fuel we pour into our cars, to the food we eat and the air we breathe. They are here for you. And every time you are rocked by a force that comes into your life overnight, stripping you of stable ground, there is a world of quiet green giants, and of tiny tendrils both, that will see you and accept the storm within you— will love you exactly as you are.

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Mid Atlantic Women's Herbal

Learn more about using, identifying, preparing and growing herbs for yourself, for your family or to help others on their healing path. Connect with like-spirited women, laugh, sing, dance and be inspired by a great line up of teachers and by each other. Take the day to stretch your mind, enjoy the outdoors and get a rest from day to day stress.

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