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Gardens for Wildlife

The practice of building habitat for wildlife doesn’t have to be taxing on the gardener, much of it is aiding natural processes, which mean less work and more appreciation for seasonal plant cycles.

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One Story of Burning

Seeds lie in wait in the dry dirt of the chaparral ecosystem, sometimes for more than 100 years. They hold within a secret, a key to rebirth adapted to the nature of their surroundings: many of these seeds germinate in fire. Phoenix-like, the foliage and plants of the chaparral has evolved beautifully to the regions where it grows. These Mediterranean-like climates allow for evergreen scrub brush landscapes dominated by species of stalwart plants and herbs that stabilize otherwise barren hillsides and provide shelter for the fauna in their midst. I recently had the chance to witness firsthand how this remarkable ecosystem regrows with the energy the wildfires bring, forces we tend to see as only frightening and destructive. It wasn’t...

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Crafting Your Dream Altar

The process of gathering objects for a space dedicated to dream meditation is not only a fun way to recalibrate our sense of equilibrium, but it also offers us the opportunity to reflect on how we engage with symbols in the waking realm before we descend into the hieroglyphic land of dream. If we practice working with symbols in our physical reality, we will be all the more prepared to harvest the potent imagery we find during the moonlit voyages of our minds. Below is a framework for how you can craft and interact with your dream altar, based on my own ritual!

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