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Tell Me About...Tisanes

Tisanes (‘tee-zahn’), a lesser-known French term for any hot herbal beverage fell out of usage early this century but is making a comeback. So what exactly is a tisane? What many of us refer to as ‘herbal tea’ doesn’t actually contain any tea leaves. Tea is the term for the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which grows well in Asia but is much more difficult to cultivate in the United States.

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People’s Medicine Workshop

People’s Medicine Workshop (organized by Jersey Community Acupuncture) will inspire folks to start using some simple, available plants in their everyday and to forge a path of access to what the earth offers right in our backyards and neighborhoods.

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Rambling Passionflower Vines

The origin of the flower’s name comes from the Spanish conquistadors, who ‘discovered’ this striking plant in their explorations of Peru. The structure of the flower lends itself to depictions of the events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ, also called the Passion: the ten outer petals symbolize the apostles present at the crucifixion, the five anthers the wounds of Christ, and the three stigma the nails used on the cross. 

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