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Herbs of the Enneagram Type 4: Rose

4s search for soul depth and long for intense, in-the-moment feelings; they are masters of longing for the unreached. They feel loss and suffering acutely, unlike many others who try to avoid pain. However, they can also attract joy, intensity and excitement to themselves. They are drawn to the world of art and beauty and adorn themselves with care.

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Herbs of the Enneagram Type 3: Schisandra

For over 4,700 years Schisandra has been a traditional Chinese herb used by the royalty and Daoist Masters, connotating its association with longevity. It grows in bunches of vibrant bright berries, like hanging grapes but with smaller berries. It’s native to -- and particularly cultivated in -- Northeast China and Russia, although it is now being grown in the United States

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