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Herbs of the Enneagram Type 9: Tulsi

Our last installation of our "Herbs of the Enneagram" series ends appropriately with Tulsi, our Herbstalk plant-of-the-year. This herb matches with the final personality type of the Enneagram, the harmonizing and peace-loving 9.

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Herbs of the Enneagram Type 8: Nettle

Nettle is often considered a weed but don’t overlook it as one of the most nutrient rich plants in the world! Type 8 in the Enneagram is called the Director, who tends to be bossy, in charge and strong in willpower. They tend to speak up, act on instinct and like things direct. Indirectness, roundabout statements and hinting can drive them crazy. 

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Herbs of the Enneagram Type 7: Calendula

Calendula is our pick for Enneagram Type 7, called the Optimist. This personality type is sunny, bright, positive and a best-case-scenario type of person. The yellow and orange, sunny-petaled calendula is a perfect match for the qualities of The Optimist. Type 7s like to be positive and optimistic above else, and criticize others for being “negative.”

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