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Our worth is inherent in our existence

Our worth is inherent in our existence. This is my favorite mantra, and it feels especially poignant as we jump into 2019. To deepen our understanding and pleasure of that existence is up to us. We have the agency and capacity to define ourselves. I help you do that. I am Cathlin Star and I’m a holistic health coach.

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My Breathwork Journey

The technique of Breathwork is different than popular yoga pranayamas, and it is different than a seated, still, quiet meditation. It is an ancient practice that is timeless. And it's for everyone. You don’t need any experiance or have to believe in anything, but an open mind and recognition that maybe there is more, and that maybe you’re not all of your thoughts, will help you along the way.

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One Simple Way to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a buzzword for all kinds of methods that involve slowing down, practicing being present and meditation, often with breathwork. Out of the many renditions of mindfulness, one practice that can be remarkably effective even if you don’t believe you have the time or the focus to be mindful is utilizing a mindfulness bell.

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