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One Story of Burning

Seeds lie in wait in the dry dirt of the chaparral ecosystem, sometimes for more than 100 years. They hold within a secret, a key to rebirth adapted to the nature of their surroundings: many of these seeds germinate in fire. Phoenix-like, the foliage and plants of the chaparral has evolved beautifully to the regions where it grows. These Mediterranean-like climates allow for evergreen scrub brush landscapes dominated by species of stalwart plants and herbs that stabilize otherwise barren hillsides and provide shelter for the fauna in their midst. I recently had the chance to witness firsthand how this remarkable ecosystem regrows with the energy the wildfires bring, forces we tend to see as only frightening and destructive. It wasn’t...

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On Writer's Block, a Faerie Tale

I didn’t understand it then. In hindsight, I know that this writer’s block arose when I began to feel the pressures to transition from living a young life full of presence and fearlessness and adventure and being here now to a “life” of debt and big girl jobs and fears and bills and big decisions that need serious forethought.

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