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Octoyoga: Breath of Joy

I hope you are feeling lovely this sweet Tuesday. Last week during Savasana I had a hit of joy. It was really incredible. Of course I have experienced joy before, in many forms. But this was really something. I was just lying there, in my peacefulness and I had this sudden all over body reaction to just how incredible life is. I started smiling and couldn't stop all day.

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My Breathwork Journey

The technique of Breathwork is different than popular yoga pranayamas, and it is different than a seated, still, quiet meditation. It is an ancient practice that is timeless. And it's for everyone. You don’t need any experiance or have to believe in anything, but an open mind and recognition that maybe there is more, and that maybe you’re not all of your thoughts, will help you along the way.

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Healing Forests, Shamans, Shamanic Plants

Rocio Alacron is an Ethnobotanist and an Ecuadorian Shaman-healer. In this two part series she shares the practice of Limpia and discusses into the role of woman healers in the Amazonian region of Ecuador. She reminds us to engage with our landscape–calling in the spirits of the plant, animal, and stone while demonstrating how to use breath work to help cleanse the body.

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