Skin so Smooth

Winter can be the hardest season on skin – dry air, lack of sun, and limited physical activity add up over months. Soaking several times a week helps keep your skin happy through cold months. 

To help get you through the rest of this winter we're offering free shipping on orders over $50 through the spring Equinox on March 20th. 

Skin So Smooth

Our essential care-kit for radiant, smooth skin. We suggest using the mist daily,  soaking three times a week, and steaming once every other week through this cold, dry season. 

Rose Geranium Hydrosol – 2 fl ounces 

Sage + Neroli Soak – 9oz magnesium flake, Himalayan pink salt, coconut milk powder, baking soda, apricot kernel oil, neroli essential oil

Echinacea Facial Steam – 5g echinacea, comfrey, alfalfa, lemon verbena

Linden + Rosemary Soak – 7oz linden blossom, rosemary leaf, epsom salt, magnesium flake, sea salt, coconut milk powder, baking soda, apricot kernel oil, and rosemary essential oil

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Perennial is a network of herb growers & wildcrafters throughout North America. We direct source herbs and herbal products for self-care that are reflective of local culture, ecology, and seasonality. The producers we work with are intimately attuned to both landscape and season—artisans whose creative instincts are informed by a sincere reverence for local ecology and cultural tradition.



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