Welcome to Tea Leaves

Welcome to Tea Leaves, Echinaces purpurea

Welcome to Tea Leaves

Laura Hamill – A daily cup of herbal tea is the baseline of my wellness practice. It reminds me to check in and note what’s happening in both mind and body, because when we don’t observe carefully, the most foundational practice in our lives–self-care–can become lost in the noise of the everyday. To me self-care means nurturing an internal dialog–noticing which parts of my body need attention, whether I’m hydrated, or how a certain food makes me feel.  

Every person’s wellness journey is unique. Tea Leaves, aims to promote the power of the individual to shape a personal self-care space. We’ll share wellness tips, holistic life hacks, and daily practices from within the collective. We hope it offers up some useful gems for your daily practice.

Bonnie Rubrecht, Lead Editor – As a child, I disliked tea when my grandmother served it. I drank it begrudgingly, not only because I thought it lacked flavor, but also because it took time to sit and wait to drink something hot. It required me to wait and sip and be still. More than fifteen years later, I fell in love with teas like jasmine, rooibos and ginger, and grieved the impatience of my youth. More and more I realize how important it is to pause, to be still, to wait. It's easy to forget that our own well-being is often the cost of trying to keep up with what we think a good life looks like.

Tea involves ritual, a concept not often associated with American culture, but I believe we are witnesses to a time of change, revelation and healing. I hope that the stories shared here on Tea Leaves in the spirit of Perennial Collective will be a step in that direction.

We see this blog as a conversation; please always feel free to connect with us further and share your personal experience.


Laura + Bonnie

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