Salt Spring Island


Larkin Schmiedl

Salt Spring Island

A blend by Larkin Schmiedl of Forest Heart Botanicals, embodying everything about this season on Salt Spring Island: Stinging Nettle, Cleavers, Bladderwrack, Licorice Fern Rhizome, Dandelion Greens, and Salmonberry Leaves.

Forest Heart Botanicals is owned and operated by Larkin Schmiedl, a queer transgender man residing on Salt Spring Island, the traditional territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ, and Hul'qumi'num'-speaking peoples the Khowutzun and Penelakut.
Larkin strives to provide high-quality herbal medicine services, driven by the desire for ecological and social wellness. He sees herbal medicine as a way we can connect more deeply with the Earth, and believes building that connection is one of the most vital pieces of work in the world today.
Larkin Schmiedl Forest Heart Botanicals
Larkin is also contributing to our blog this season. See his piece How to Find & Use Stinging Nettle.
In addition to foraging and making herbal blends, Larkin offers personal herbal in-depth sessions  available by Skype and telephone. 
Salt Spring Forest Heart Botanicals
This blend optimizes Perennial's mission: freshly made by hand with intention within our community. It's with sincere gratitude that we are able to offer this beautiful tea for you to enjoy. Larkin's tea is available for purchase on our site here.
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Laura Hamill is the Founder of Perennial Collective. In addition to maintaining herbal gardens, she works directly with intentional growers to create fresh, vibrant herbal teas. 
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