Perennial Collective Link Love - June 29th

Summer farmland by b. rubrecht

Summer is finally officially here! A few articles and items to help you get out into the sun again:

  • Summersalt bathing suits are beautiful but still functional enough for you to swim or surf in the ocean... not to mention they're eco-friendly! We love the Sidestroke in Lava, White Sand & Dragonfruit.

  • An all-organic bug spray from Meow Meow Tweet so you can repel mosquitoes without chemicals!

  • White peach and rose sorbet (dairy-free and beautiful!!) 

  • Looking to hike but towing a toddler with you? Hike It Baby can help you identify like-minded parents, identify the best trails and even allows you to buy/sell/trade used gear. No excuses!

  • Local honey is one of the best (and sweetest) ways to combat seasonal allergies that crop up in summer. Check out this helpful honey post from Mind Body Green on how it helps. Coming from Central Coast CA, I can recommend from experience that the honey from Sunshine Honey is a great source for folks here. Any recommendations for local honey where you live?
Make sure your summer isn't too busy, though. Be careful to make spaces for empty time where you can, even fifteen minutes without an agenda or to-do list can make a huge difference for your mental well-being. Eat the vegetables that are beginning to ripen and appear at farmer's markets.

Slow down where and when you can, even for a brief walk, to clear your mind and remember how beautiful it is to see life growing and feel sunlight on your skin.

Enjoy the weekend!!

The Perennial Collective

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