People’s Medicine Workshop

We believe deeply that healthcare and healing should be accessible for all people. There are many barriers to healthcare and we hope this People’s Medicine Workshop (organized by Jersey Community Acupuncture) will inspire folks to start using some simple, available plants in their everyday and to forge a path of access to what the earth offers right in our backyards and neighborhoods. 

People's Medicine Workshop

With the help of Amanda Midkiff of Locust Light Farm, Laura Hamill of Perennial Collective, Lindsay Napolitano of Fields Without Fences and Nicole Maniez of Jersey Community Acupuncture, we will explore:

  • Herbal Healing in the Kitchen: Culinary Herbs as Medicine
  • Simple + Safe Nutritive Herbs to Keep You Well
  • Wild Food + Wild Medicine: Foraging Basics in Your Backyard
  • Healing Practices for Deeper Connection

This series will include lecture, story telling, hands on creation of herbal products, meditation and healing practices, observation and discussion.

Join us over three Saturdays in April: 4/14, 4/21 and 4/28 from 2-4:30pm at Flemington DIY located at 90 Main Street in Flemington NJ. The course is offered on a sliding scale of $30-60 per person for all three Saturdays. When you register, you will be confirmed for all 3 dates. All proceeds will be used to cover the cost of supplies and rental costs. We are grateful to the herbalists for volunteering their time to share their expertise with you.


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