Our worth is inherent in our existence

Our worth is inherent in our existence.  

This is my favorite mantra, and it feels especially poignant as we step into a new year. To deepen our understanding and pleasure of that existence is up to us. We have the agency and capacity to define ourselves. I help you do that. I am Cathlin Star and I’m a holistic health coach.

Cathlin Star Holistic Health Coach

Often people ask what a health coach does and I am forever uncomfortable with my answer. Not because I don’t believe in the work I do, but because it changes and is defined by the work you need. Health is inherently different for each of us. My job as coach is to hold space for you to figure out what health feels like for you. Then we create room and support in your daily life for you to realize your own health.

I teach embodiment workshops, I have 1:1 coaching clients. I hold monthly group coaching calls.  I host dinner parties for friends and family. I write. I also make tea blends, ritual body oils, soaks, and scrubs. I want to build space in my neighborhood for the creative collective and community healing. I have a perennial garden in my backyard. I believe that worms are sacred creatures. I worship the moon. I read the dictionary, I laugh really loud. I take up space and I do not apologize for my existence.  

I grew up in the forests of southern Vermont. I studied dance and ecology at GCC in Greenfield Ma, and majored in Cultural Anthropology at UMASS Amherst.  I have my health coaching certification from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. But the earth is my biggest teacher and healer. When in doubt I go to the natural world for respite, healing, relief, joy and perspective. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of plants to heal us.  I advocate for the empowerment and survival of our natural world. Understanding the rhythms of the earth, how our actions directly relate to the health of our planet and our immediate surroundings and community is vital to our sustained existence.  It is also a beautiful way to learn and know ourselves.

Knowing ourselves is some of the hardest work we can undertake in our lives. Understanding the seasonal cycles of the earth and our lives, can offer perspective and forgiveness when we are feeling our most tender. Welcoming the new year can be hard since we are bombarded with new year new you messaging. Every magazine in any checkout aisle in the United States is selling you a better way to do something in the new year. The subtext of all this marketing is that we are broken and need to be fixed; that we have somehow failed and now need to change ourselves and our behavior so that we are better. What if we don’t need to be fixed? The thrill of a clean slate, the appeal of a fresh start are all very enticing. But if we take a few moments to ask ourselves why; we give ourselves some room to decide what it is we want to focus on and cultivate in the new year.

At this time of year rather than focus on patterns I want to get rid of, I focus on what I want to cultivate. I think about how I want to make people feel. I dream of what I want to accomplish. I ask myself what it is I am thirsty for. By touching base with our deepest self we can make a list, it doesn’t have to be elaborate; (it doesn’t have to be a list), it can be a drawing, a collage, a manifesto, a tarot spread, a business plan, a life plan, an invitation perhaps?

This vision, this focus of energy towards what you want can act as a map.  It is a space to come back to when the thunderstorms of spring have broken your heart, or the race of July’s humidity has you binge eating watermelon. Whenever you feel off kilter during the year, whenever you lose steam and forget what it is you wanted at the new year, use your body, use these words scribbled on a post it as a check-in, a map to point you in your direction.  This is not a new years resolution. It is a radical resolution to trust yourself.

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