Octoyoga: Breath of Joy


I hope you are feeling lovely this sweet Tuesday. 

Last week during Savasana I had a hit of joy. It was really incredible. Of course I have experienced joy before, in many forms. But this was really something. I was just lying there, in my peacefulness and I had this sudden all over body reaction to just how incredible life is. I started smiling and couldn't stop all day. 

To create this feeling in others throughout my classes during the week I found this Sutra in the book: The Radiance Sutras. 

The roar of joy that set the worlds in motion
Is reverberating in your body
And the space between all bodies
Beloved, listen. 

Find that exuberant vibration
Rising new in every moment, 
Humming in your secret places.
Resounding through the channels of delight,
Know you are flooded by it always.

Float with that sound.
Melt with it into divine silence.
The sacred power of space will carry you
Into the dancing radiant emptiness
That is the source of all.
The ocean of sound is inviting you
Into its spacious embrace,  
Calling you home. 

Feel the vibrations in your body, create the space to sink deep into sound or silence. Learn to love those tiny tingles in the tips of your fingers. 

A beautiful Pranayama (breath practice) you can practice is called Breath Of Joy. I will try and explain it in words, but maybe I will have to start doing videos! 

Begin in a comfortable standing position with your feet shoulder width apart, a bend to your knees so you feel bouncy. Inhale deeply, exhale. The practice involves 3 inhales, and 1 exhale. Inhale three times and then when you exhale, exhale everything out and throw yourself forward, folding over your legs. Now add the arms. The first inhale bring your hands in front of you, second exhale, throw them out to the side, third inhale, lift them overhead. Exhale forward fold. 

You really want to get into this, go through it at least 10 times. Close your eyes, let yourself laugh, throw your body around and BREATHE as deeply as you can! 

And then enjoy the feeling of standing in the excitement you created.

I am also conducting 10 minute online interviews with people who have a regular yoga practice or would like a regular yoga practice for a new project. If you would like to get involved please message me and we can set up a time <3

Have a joy filled week, 


Abi x


Abi Ponce Hardy Octoyoga

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Abi Ponce Hardy is a Scottish-Mexican Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and Photographer, currently living in Tulum, Mexico. After struggling with mental health issues for many years she discovered yoga and it changed many aspects of her life, allowing herself to get in touch with her body, mind and spiritual side. She strives to create space for people to do the same, helping them find hidden parts of themselves so that they can move on to greater happiness and life choices. 

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