New Moon Breathwork


Briana Kurtz Breathwork Group

Briana Kurtz Breathwork Group

Sunday, March 18, 2018


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New moons are a personal favorite. They are a time of extreme sensitivity, receptivity and clarity. The new moon period is a time to expand; new intentions, new ideas, creations, ways of thinking. We will use Breathwork to connect to the distinct energy of this time and to connect to means of expansion within.  

Breathwork is an active meditation that connects you to your highest self by clearing, empowering and cleansing. It is an incredibly healing practice that involves letting go of any obstacles that might be holding you back from living your true purpose.

This active Pranayama gets you deep into your body. Whatever you release during your experience will be gone forever. You will leave feeling lighter, softer, more open and connected to your own power. The workshop will begin with a sacred circle, connecting the group and tapping into our collective energy. Various tools are used throughout the session to aid in the experience. The workshop closes by relaxing and briefly sharing. No experience necessary. Bring a yoga mat and eye pillow (optional).


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Briana is a guide; to helping you find balance, to connecting to your purpose, and manifesting your dreams. Briana uses various techniques from multiple mind-body-spirit disciplines, and over a decade of experience, to lead you out of the patterns and complexes that do not serve you, helping to clear your obstacles and create space for radical change. Spiritual Fitness is a process that results in a deep connection to your unique energy and aligning with your life's purpose. You are here for a reason.




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