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I found Breathwork randomly, without realizing what I had gotten myself into — but I know it was no accident. My first taste of Breathwork was surprising and left me curious, which is where my journey began. Many experiences later, and after much exploration, here are some of the things I have learned.

Breathwork is a self-on-self experience. It's an active meditation where you create a space for your spirit and your physical self to privately commune. There are seemingly two entities: you and your spirit (God, subconscious, awareness, holy spirit, soul). 

Breathwork activates energy and facilitates its movement. It's different — and that’s exactly what we need, because generally we experience the world through our senses. Breathwork is a technique that simultaneously heightens your intuitive sense and overrides your physical senses and your default everyday consciousness. In Breathwork your subconscious starts to speak instead; you might “hear” things or “see” things without your ears or eyes. You might feel a lot of emotions. 

Anything you experience is exactly as it should be. It can be intense, but there is no need for fear because what you are experiencing is your truth, your true essence. You are connecting to it. And, because it is you, it can never hurt you. 

Breathwork is a practice, and it is cumulative, if not always linear. I’ve participated in and led dozens of Breathwork sessions, both privately and in groups. No session is ever the same. Energy moves both quickly and over time. The connection to your spirit grows deeper, your senses change, your vibration changes, your intuition grows, you and your spirit align more and more until integration with your higher being and purpose occurs. 

Day to day life changes with a regular breathwork practice, and instead of operating from a place of fear, shame, or low self-worth, you begin to operate from a place of empowerment, faith, and balance. Your spirit becomes more familiar to you, and you embody this reclaimed sovereignty. You change, and then things around you start to change.

A lot has been said about Breathwork as a healing mechanism. It is, if that is what you need (and many people on our planet do). It is an incredibly SELF-HEALING practice that involves letting go of any obstacles that might be holding you back from living your true purpose. Life experiences, cultural stigmas, attachments, ego, environmental stress, and illusions all create conditions for emotions to get stuck in the body. Breathwork is incredibly effective at clearing this out. 

It's like a very concentrated dose of years of yoga, therapy, drugs, and meditation all at once. That might sound like too much, but would you truly not want to experience the vastness of your Self? Whatever you release during your experience will be gone forever: something I have observed in myself and others. 

I can share from my personal experience that I carried around a lot of anger for most of my life. Why doesn’t matter. But that anger was so thick and dominating that I operated from that place for a long time. It hurt me, and even though I knew I wanted to be rid of it, it controlled me. So, I tortured myself in various unhealthy ways and punished myself and others around me. Have you ever done something that didn't make sense, that wasn't really you? If we are out of alignment with our true selves, we project from a place of pain or weakness. 

After my first few Breathwork sessions I looked hard for that anger inside — and I couldn’t find it. Perhaps some lingered but it was so diminished I literally couldn't find those feelings of fire, rage, anger, pain. Whatever I had released up to that point was gone, and it changed my life. (Full disclosure: I also have a dedicated yoga practice. Maybe you love reiki or vedic meditation — whatever works for you. Whatever your self-system is, the energy from all your purposeful practices will work together in your favor. Breathwork is a great compliment to any spiritual practice.)

But Breathwork doesn’t have to be about healing all the time — because really there is nothing wrong with you. Breathwork is a robust practice that is also incredibly cleansing and empowering. It was during Breathwork that I felt my true power for the first time. It made me realize that, previously and on a daily basis, I was operating from a place of (very) low power. As soon as I experienced the depth of my true strength, I was able to tap into that source and conduct my life from that place of grace and empowerment on a more regular basis. And especially for women today, it's time to connect to your divine power.

The technique of Breathwork is different than popular yoga pranayamas, and it is different than a seated, still, quiet meditation. It is a timeless and ancient practice. And it's for everyone. You don’t need any experience, you don’t need to believe in anything in particular. Just an open mind —and recognition that maybe there is more ,maybe you’re not all of your thoughts — will help you along the way. It’s a journey.

Article reposted with permission from Briana Kurtz.

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Briana Kurtz helps modern women live less from their minds, and more from the hearts, using nature-based practices and direct inquiry. She blends the mystical with the practical in her work, to support her clients and students in creating lives of balance, connection, and purpose.

Briana is the creator of Elemental Embodiment, her signature program that helps cultivate emotional well being through connection to the elements and to nature. You can learn more about her work right here.

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