Perennial Link Love - September 14th

On the trail in Ventura; photo credit B. Rubrecht

Happy Friday!

Fall is in full swing, and here's a few links to get you through the weekend that we thought were worth mentioning... enjoy!

A retreat in Guerneville, CA designed for mothers who are creators that includes everything from yoga to headshots to pop-up markets to showcase crafts and products to 'informal campfire conversations.' 
Farmers across the country are dealing with new challenges in the wake of evolving policy decisions. Read this interesting and important article from Civil Eats about what's affecting America's growers and producers, at every level.
Now that we're in the midst of changing seasons, many are fighting off mild coughs and colds. The favorite remedy, of course, being homecrafted elderberry syrup. A great (easy!) recipe here on Love and Olive Oil.

This quote, shared by the remarkable Robert Macfarlane on Twitter recently:

"We live in all we seek. The hidden shows up in too-plain sight. It lives captive on the face of the which we as sophisticated children have long since become oblivious. What a hideout: holiness lies spread over the surface of time and stuff like color." - Annie Dillard

Have a great weekend -- and if you're on the Southern Coast, stay safe! Our thoughts are with those that will be facing Hurricane Florence.

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