Late Spring Perennial Update

Perennial Collective Chaga Chai Tea

Good morning! We are rapidly approaching the end of Spring and wanted to give a brief overview of some of the great teas and herbal products in the shop right now.

  • Our Chaga Chai tea is a relatively new addition that we are so excited to share. Chaga, a type of mushroom, is frequently described as a 'superfood' and purported to have medicinal qualities including high levels of antioxidants. Our chaga is supplied by Chaga Grove in New Hampshire and is hand-gathered, wild and sustainably harvested.
  • We recently mentioned our Blue Tea, made from African blue basil, which has a undertones of sage in addition to more traditional basil notes. Basil, particularly in tea form, is excellent for assisting with headaches, indigestion, and has antibacterial and stress-relieving qualities.
  • We'll be posting in the next week or so about some of the best evening rituals to help you relax and sleep well. One excellent method for winding down after a long day is a bath with epsom salt, and we've got just the one for you. Our Linden & Rosemary bath blend combines coconut milk, linden flowers, magnesium flakes, rosemary leaves and epsom salt with apricot kernel oil for a luxurious soak.
Perennial Collective Linden & Rosemary Bath Salts
Interested in more offerings from Perennial's network of sustainable and organic growers? Jump over to our online shop to find additional teas and herbal products that we know you'll love.
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