Connecting with Flowers at Summer Solstice

flowers and herbs by Amanda Midkiff

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, the zenith of the sun’s reign, the time when our energies being pulled outside of us. The prominence of the solar energy calls us to express our solar, manifesting selves. At this time of year, much of the plant world is flowering. Flowers are connected to the air element, and the realm of communication and expression. How fitting that at this time of outward energies, the plant world is abundant with lessons in presenting ourselves to the world.

This is a good time to reflect back to the intentions you set at Winter Solstice. How have they manifested in your life? Are they blooming? If now, how can you nurture them? If so, are you fully embracing the beauty of that?

The flowers are calling us to reflect and celebrate.

Enjoy this flower ritual as you check in with yourself.

  1.  Prepare a delicate infusion of flowers. This may be fresh flowers from outdoors, or a bagged tea. Rose, tulsi, hibiscus, passionflower, violet, lavender, calendula, white yarrow, or borage work well. Prepare the tea with water that is slightly below boiling, and steep for fewer than 5 minutes. If you are currently working with a flower essence, add it to the tea.

  2. Find your flower. Meander outdoors and find a flower in bloom. (If you cannot do this, conjure up the image of a blooming flower in your mind. This works best if it’s a specific flower that you’ve seen.)

  3. Settle in. If you can sit near the flower, get comfortable. If not, look at the flower very closely. Memorize its petals, colors, crevices, and fragrance. Then go somewhere that you can get cozy.

  4. Close your eyes, and imagine that you are staring into the flower. Visualize the bloom as intensely as you can. As you stare into the flower, you drop into the body of the plant. You are now occupying its stems, leaves and flowers.

  5. Linger here. Let your senses fill the experience. What is life like for the flower in this spot? How does the wind feel? How does the sun feel? Can you feel yourself photosynthesizing? Can you feel water moving up from your roots?

  6. From this space, ask the plant what medicine you can bring to the plant. What do you, as a human in your life, have to offer?

  7. Allow your consciousness to travel out to the flower. Feel the crevices, the petals, the pistils and stamen. What does it feel like to be a flower?

  8. Let your energy rise to the aura just about the bloom. Rest in the vibration about 1 inch above the flower. Experience this fully.

  9. In this space, ask what medicine the flower has for you. What can the flower teach you about your self-expression?

  10. This is a nice spot to be. Stay here for as long as you like.

  11. When you are ready, journey back the same way that you came.

  12. You may want to journal about this experience to help it absorb into your being.
Happy Solstice!


Amanda Midkiff is the founder of Locust Light Farm, an herb farm in Titusville, NJ specializing in handcrafted herbal products as well as hands-on herbalism classes. She offers delightful herbal smoking blends, balms and salves, medicinal herbal oils and more online. For more information, visit Locust Light Farm.


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