We offer sustainably-grown herbs, direct from a diverse community of growers, for your daily wellness routines — to help you feel balanced, healthy, and nourished.

Tea is so much more than a warm cup after a long day: it can be a ritual that connects you to your body, to your innate wellbeing, and to the land. It can be a relaxing pause in your busy day, an accessible opportunity to release anxiety and promote your emotional and physical health. Whether sharing it with a loved one or taking a moment for yourself, a simple cup of tea can be an act of reflection, compassion, and healing. High-quality, thoughtfully-grown, and nutritious herbal teas are one of the easiest and most meaningful ways to bring resonance to ceremonial moments, no matter how you fit them into your day.

Perennial Collective works with a diverse network of small-scale farmers across North America, all of whom are committed to sustainable growing practices and progressive environmental ethics. We take pride in reciprocal and mutually-benefical relationships that allow us to bring you exceptional teas at accessible prices.  Our aim is to offer you a connection to these fantastic growers, so you can trust you’re steeping the highest-quality herbs that are grown, harvested, and blended with mindfulness and care. We’re dedicated to upholding the dignity of every person and landscape involved in bringing tea to your table, and we take pride in sourcing herbs that are culturally appropriate, deeply meaningful, and richly nutritious.

When you choose Perennial Collective, you receive more than a beautiful tea. You get to know you did your part in supporting a just, transparent, and more equitable food system — so that you, the farmers, and the land itself can thrive.

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